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About Us About Us

Our Story

Before diving into cosmetic chemistry, like almost every other woman, I was dealing with many skin issues like hyperpigmentation, largely visible and clogged pores, and the occasional breakouts on my skin. I was conscious about my hyperpigmentation and visible pores more than anything and tried everything that I could get my hands on to get rid of it but nothing delivered the results that were promised and if ever I saw any progress, it did not last long.

Tired of trying out countless products, I was determined to find the core technicality of what makes a good product that actually works. I began my research and learnt about ingredients, formulations, dosages, what to avoid and what not to avoid, and found it so interesting that it eventually led me to take a diploma in cosmetic formulation from the UK.

Being a woman of science all my life, there was nothing more I loved than research and data.

But I was craving for more.

Shruti Kevin
Shruti Kevin
Founder, CEO

Due to my Indian ethnicity, I grew up hearing about the power of plants and herbs my whole life in Dubai, where I was born and raised. So, after I finished my Master's degree (in science, yet again) from Australia, I decided to travel to India to learn more about Ayurveda and plant-based skincare; this opened a whole new world for me. With the help of some family there, I found the most authentic and sustainable farms that grew these plants and spoke to the local farmers about their origin, uses, and most importantly, the right dosage for each plant extract. What I loved the most was that so many of these beautiful plants were backed by science as well!

After years of learning and comparing, I finally came to a conclusion:

I do not believe in a 100% natural product as I know the importance of research, scientific advancements, and preservation but I also do not believe in using a 100% synthetic one as the world of Ayurveda is nothing short of magical. The answer is not in a fully natural or fully synthetic product.

The answer is a true amalgamation of both, at optimum doses.

This is the future of skincare.

Science and Tradition is the future of skincare.

Brand Philosophy

We create supercharged skincare products by manufacturing a creative mix of scientific ingredients and Ayurvedic botanical superfoods.

There is a world full of beautiful, almost magical, plant-based traditional ingredients passed down by generations in every country in the world. We source these from different parts of the world and ensure they are clinically effective (because we believe in facts, not myths) and formulate it with the latest scientific breakthroughs in the skincare industry.

The foundation of our brand is right there in its name- Science and Tradition. But this is not all that we are. We believe in a 360 degree approach when it comes to brand responsibility. It is our belief that a brand is truly successful only when its customers are proud of it- not only in its products, but in its conscience.

Yes, a brand can and should have a conscience.

Conscience for the people

We use exciting, scientifically proven, good-for-skin ingredients at the right doses that do not sensitize your skin but instead provide long-lasting results. We strive for fairness and transparency and share as much information and research as possible with you.

Conscience for the planet

The Earth is our home and protecting it resonates with everything we believe in. We use recyclable plastic for all our products and continually strive to upgrade it.

We are also strongly against animal testing and will always be a cruelty-free brand.

Conscience for humanity

We thrive on diversity and inclusion. There is nothing more we love than uniqueness and kindness. Our staff and people who we choose to work with consist of people of all colors, abilities, ages, and genders.

Product Philosophy

Our products are purposefully formulated with the highest-quality ingredients found in nature and science. We only use ingredients that either directly benefit the skin or support other ingredients in our formulations to ensure optimum performance.

We create biocompatible formulations that our skin recognizes by focusing on healthy pH levels and small molecules that penetrate into the skin more rapidly.

What does this mean?

This means that we choose to develop our products with pH levels close to your skin’s natural pH level; this ensures that the skin recognizes it and receives it without causing inflammation.

This is also why we choose to avoid ingredients that do not provide any added benefit to the skin like SLS, dyes, fragrance, silicones, parabens, phthalates, and drying alcohols. We also value customer preference as it is your right as a consumer to choose what goes in your body.

Why does pH matter?

Your skin barrier, which is made up of lipids, protective substances, and your microbiome, is acidic with a pH of 5.5. We develop skincare products with pH levels close to your skin’s natural pH level.

On the pH scale, “7” is neutral and anything below it is acidic and anything above 8 is alkaline.

If you use products that are too alkaline or too acidic, you can disrupt the pH balance of skin, which can result in a damaged skin barrier with inflammation, redness, and breakouts.

This is why we focus on creating pH balanced, penetrable, and biocompatible formulas.

Proudly Made in UK

We don’t take shortcuts. All our products are made in the UK within the European Union Standards, often known as the “Global Gold Standard” for formula development. The EU law is stricter than laws of most countries, banning 1328 chemicals from cosmetics that are known or suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm, or birth defects.

Our products also go through multiple tests to ensure overall efficacy, stability, and compatibility of formulations. These are tested rigorously for 3-6 months in temperatures as high as 50 degree Celsius so as to ensure stability in hot countries.

Our Four Promises

To only use high-quality ingredients found in nature & science that either directly benefit the skin or support fellow ingredients to ensure optimum performance.

To never use drying alcohols, parabens, SLS, phthalates, silicones, dyes/fragrance in our skincare.

To always use recyclable packaging and remain cruelty free.

To be human first by embracing diversity, uniqueness, and inclusivity at all times.

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